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Andddd now, part 2 of the photo report is up.

77 photos of the dealers' dolls:

Right here:

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Okay people, photos from the Doll Affair 2009 are up.

Dealers first.


Still working on the individual doll shots... probably later this week.


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After 2 layers of primer I see all the imperfections and dents. Looks like I'll have to do at least 10 layers.

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Coated with gesso and texture paste and realized the artists gesso they sell here is mostly acrylic rather than calcium carbonate. Not a good thing.. the finish was tacky and peeled off like a rubbery skin.

Coated the entire thing again with another layer of La Doll clay to try to save it. I think I'll use mr surfacer for the final coat instead and forget about this whole gesso thing.


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The weather has been alternating between rainy and very very hot lately, so I continued some work on these.

Most of the time was spent getting each side of them symmetrical.

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Her work on the white lady doll is amazing.

A Japanese sculptor who makes really articulated dolls.
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It's been a while since the last update. The weather has been nice and cool (I'm not complaining about that but clay doesn't harden very well in this weather) until recently. Hot weather means time to start sculpting again.

In-progress work for my VtM trio. The one on the left will be a teen, and the one on the right someone around their very late 20s. All kinds of experimental heads below. 10mm eyes for each of them. What I envision for the completed trio will be a typical multi-clan power circle.. a Ventrue Prince, Toreador art gallery owner (the late 20-er), and a Malkavian neonate. Will be fitting her with eyes of 2 different colors. I tried to give her face a psychotic look but it didn't turn out very well (2nd head from left)..

Time to get back to work.

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Was wondering if this is a new line; any idea which catalog it appears in?

<img src="http://i.ebayimg.com/18/!BVKhE3!B2k~$(KGrHgoH-DQEjlLl),B+BKREfmb)i!~~_1.JPG">
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Made 2 sets of feet, 1 flat and 1 high heeled.

Also did the test stringing and it seems to work fine. Can hold a pose, but rather weakly. Need to find a way to add more friction around the joints.

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The ankle joints seem to work fine. Smooth rotation.

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